Smaller Balls, Better Dad

Sex toy company Nalone has released a range of nine sex toys that respond to the user’s moans – the louder and faster you are, the faster the toy vibrates keeping time with your responses. Whisper and the toy responds slightly, while loud noises or music will...Read More »

Womens Top Five Sexual Fantasies


The Californian state assembly is considering making it illegal to post “revenge porn”. If passed, the law will make it a crime to post a video or photo of someone who is partially or fully undressed without their permission. A law already exists to protect those...Read More »

50 Shades of Grey? 3 Golden Sisters do a review

I’ve been writing about BDSM relationships today, inspired by the bizarre popularity of 50 Shades Of Grey.

The ever wonderful 3 Golden Sisters have something to say about the book. Here they are: 3 Golden Sisters

...Read More »

Feminist Porn Awards

One of the big debates within feminism is whether or not porn is always degrading to women. Some say yes, some say no, and some say, that like most things in life, “it depends.”

Since 2006 the landmark Toronto sex store, Good For Her, has been running the Feminist Porn Awards....Read More »

Feminist Porn Awards Shortlist

Feminist porn? Yes indeed. For the past five years, Good for Her, a Toronto sex shop has held the Feminist Porn Awards to big up adult movies that are female-friendly.

Here is the list of nominees.

...Read More »

Teenage kicks

Tristan Taormino’s ChemistrySex in the Sexton household has become somewhat impossible of late. My lovely boyfriend had an accident a few weeks ago and has cracked all the ribs on the left side of his body. Poor boy. This makes sex basically impossible – he can...Read More »


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